Applied thermodynamics - collection of formulas

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Hans Havtun
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The purpose of the subject Applied Thermodynamics is to provide the reader with a wide introduction to the Energy Technology field where Thermodynamics is one of the fundamental subjects. Apart from the laws of thermodynamics, ideal gas and real fluid behavior, the content is focused on Engineering Thermodynamics applications such as internal combustion engines, gas engines, steam power technology, refrigeration and heat pump technology, as well as psychrometrics. The subject also includes an introduction to fluid mechanics and heat transfer.The book Applied Thermodynamics – Collection of Formulas contains the essential equations from the textbook Tillämpad termodynamik (Applied Thermodynamics) by Ingvar Ekroth and Eric Granryd and is intended to be used as a helping aid when solving problems in Thermodynamics. Suitable problems adapted to the textbook can be found in the workbook Arbetsmaterial till Tillämpad termo­dynamik by Hans Havtun which is the third book in this book series. The three titles are primarily aimed at students at the undergraduate university level.

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Thermodynamics sounds intimidating, and it can be. However, if you hone in on the most important thermodynamic formulas and equations, get comfortable converting from one unit of physical measurement to another, and become familiar with the physical constants related to thermodynamics, you'll be at the head of the class. Purchase Introduction to Applied Thermodynamics - 1st Edition.